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At Persuasion our mission is to deliver high-quality, strategic advisory and coaching services to organisation leaders, business owners and professionals.

What we offer

We offer a distinctive blend of organisational development and consulting services. Each draws on the experience and knowledge we have gained from working with successful organisations, business owners and leaders. Our strength comes from our experience and our ability to develop real solutions to fit each client’s unique situation. 




Persuasion offers a distinctive range of consulting services.

Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a powerful combination of learning and support.

An effective coaching relationship is a partnership, built on trust and rapport and enabled with a human touch. Every one of our coaching dialogues is unique but all are completely focused on helping clients to do their best thinking about the things that really matter.

The people we work with tell us they feel hear and understood. Through a structured coaching dialogue they reach new clarity about their situation and can develop new options to find a way forward.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is about unlocking the potential of the team.

Team coaching is about working with teams to improve collaboration and overall results. Working steadily over a period of time can bring great benefits to the team as a whole and also to the individual members. We bring a systemic perspective, supporting teams to see themselves acting in the wider stakeholder environment, designing a powerful purpose around which all team members can coalesce. Our team coaching clients are primarily leadership teams, seeking improved collaboration built around a compelling common purpose. The results can bring real value to all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Strategic Advisory Services

We work confidentially with leaders, business promoters, investors and entrepreneurs.

We have close working relationships with our clients and their organisations and we are often well positioned to act as a trusted adviser. In this role, we often work confidentially with leaders, business promoters, investors and entrepreneurs. To advise and to provide insights on organisational strategy, leadership, culture and people. As a strategic advisor, we bring constructive feedback and offer a balance of challenge and support.

Our role is to help leaders and business owners to clarify the core agenda and consider what to do and when to do it. When offer insights based on our expertise and drawing from what we have learned over decades of working with diverse clients and organisation types across most sectors.

Organisational Consulting

We partner client organisations to define and address key organisational issues.

We partner client organisations to define and address key organisational issues. Our portfolio of work draws primarily on our skills in strategy and listening. Careful stakeholder consultation often provides the basis for collaborating with client organisations to co-design interventions and solutions that fit.

We enjoy working with leaders to develop solutions that are positively received as well as delivering the strategic agenda. We are often asked to review organisational cultures; systems and processes; helping to re-align them to strategy and organisation needs. Assignments in this area include culture and engagement projects, customised learning programmes, career development and succession planning processes, reshaping key systems, structures, processes and roles.

Leadership Development

Small adjustments to thinking that lead to different outcomes.

Small adjustments to thinking that lead to different outcomes. Almost always, it’s about unlocking potential to maximise performance and outcomes. We work in partnership with clients to develop customised leadership development programmes, aligned to strategy and organisational purpose. Our programmes help participants to understand more about themselves and how to use new insights purposefully.

Increasingly we asked to develop leadership programmes around building deep collaboration skills. Hybrid working, cross cultural teams and organisational complexity are among the forces that have made leadership a team game.

Our programmes are co-designed with clients, starting with a deep current situation analysis and clarity about desired future outcomes. We collaborate with clients to develop programmes that are
engaging, relevant and impactful.

Organisational Coaching Frameworks

We help you to develop coaching frameworks and build a coaching culture.

We also support and advise organisations on the development of coaching frameworks and how to build a coaching culture. We advise on programme strategy and design. Our collaboration with client organisations focuses on getting the best return from the investment in coaching and ensuring that programme objectives and content are aligned with strategy.

Coaching programmes are flexible at Persuasion, depending on the requirements. We have designed specialist leadership, high potential and career development coaching programmes for client organisations. We advise on how to build a coaching culture and we partner organisations in defining and implementing customised solutions to meet the specific needs of different cohorts across the organisation including, for example, high potential employees; women leaders and professionals; specialist contributors and graduate recruits.

Team Coaching
Strategic Advisor
Organisational Consulting
Leadeship Development
Organisational Coaching Frameworks
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What to make some changes?

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