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Aine Maguire Headshot

Áine Maguire
Strategic Advisor, Executive and Team Coach
Founder of Persuasion Ltd.


Persuasion is an organisation consulting firm. We are strategic partners to leaders and their organisations. Our role is to help our clients to become the success they want to be.

Our expertise focuses on developing leaders and scaling organisations. We provide an integrated range of services comprising team and individual coaching, organisational consulting and strategic advice.


Our services are delivered through deep trusted advisor relationships. We build our key relationships by partnering clients and their leadership teams in multiple and flexible ways. Clients work with us because they value the fresh perspective we bring together with our commerciality, strategic awareness and pragmatism.


Our unique perspective has evolved over twenty five years of collaborating working with leaders, business promoters and their senior teams. We know how to partner leaders as they scale and develop their organisations. We can point to long term partnerships with likeminded clients who go after significant goals. To each engagement, we bring deep and diverse experience supporting talented individuals to develop as leaders and in helping organisations and individuals to find purpose and improve results. The focus, in everything we do, is on delivering real impact for stakeholders.


Our success arises out of lasting partnerships with leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners who sponsor our engagements in organisations and with whom we have built trusted confidential partnerships.

Persuasion Organisational Consulting

Proven Experience

We are retained by leading businesses and organisations, working on coaching and organisation development assignments.


Our clients include

  • International retailers

  • Dynamic entrepreneurial businesses in the life sciences

  • Technology and services sectors

  • Scaling entrepreneurial organisations

  • Professional firms

We also advise leading professional services and governmental organisations.

Coaching Mindset

Our coaching mindset:

Executive Coaching can produce a powerful ongoing dialogue between the client and the coach, developing over time, into a productive thinking partnership. We see coaching as essentially a form of learning.  It works most effectively coach and client build clarity about what really matters and confidence about how to address it.


Our coaching approach is based on the Columbia Business School 3C Model. Its empirical and theoretical basis is grounded in neuroscience and adult learning methodologies, specifically, action learning. For us, coaching is a cycle that leads to action, new learning and results.


Clients who come to us value an independent, objective perspective from a supportive and experienced coach, who prioritises the client’s interests and goals. Our approach to coaching is focused on partnering each client in ways that connect with their own thinking.

Coaching Mindset

Chief People Officer – Technology Company

“Working with a number of our senior leaders as they developed as a team, Persuasion really took the time to listen and understand our business, culture and the challenges we faced in our market. Our goal was to develop deeper and more impactful leadership skills across the company Aine and her team met these goals through listening, challenging and questioning in constructive and insightful ways. We continue to see positive change across the company from our engagement with Persuasion."

Partner Professional Services

"Smart, articulate and clear thinking. Has a high level of emotional intelligence which she uses to good effect. She listens really well, probes and understands exactly what is being said and the subtexts. She is a very rational thinker and she can cut through noise and interference and get to the nub of something very effectively"

CEO International Business

“Key strengths are her insight into what makes people and organisations work effectively. Her listening skills and her ability to play it back in a structured and insightful way. She challenges your thinking in a very constructive and caring way.”

Who asks good questions about your organisation? We do.
Talk to us if you value an objective
and strategic perspective.

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