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Rumination And How To Beat It!

World of Work: Episode 2, in this Episode Suzy and Áine dissect the topic of Rumination at work.

Rumination is the habit of repetitively turning over an incident, conversation, or event in your mind without finally resolving it, and most importantly, without being able to let it go.

Have you ever had a situation that constantly returns to your head where it starts to blow out of proportion? If so,  this is the episode for you! Ruminators review a situation over and over again and tend to get into the cycle of thoughts that are unproductive and unhelpful.

If this sounds like you, then listen in to Executive Coaches Suzy and Áine, and their guest Dr. Emily Kenefick - A Chartered Clinical Psychologist from The House Partnership. Look out for an explanation of why we Ruminate and how you can beat it!

Listeners can also take practical tips from this week's episode on how to overcome Rumination at work and in their personal life.

Tune in to take control of your overthinking habits.

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