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In this episode, our topic is Millennials in the workplace. This is the start of an occasional series where Áine and Susy investigate the different generational experiences of today's world of work. Today’s workforce comprises a really broad generational spread. Millennials are the biggest component but, what is their contribution?  What challenges does this generation experience? What can other generations learn from them? These and other fascinating topics are explored. Áine's top favourite Millennial of all time is "unbiasedly" Suzy but, the other Millennials Áine and Suzy find themselves speaking about and referring to during their training courses are: 

  • Cristiano Ronaldo - his unwavering perseverance and dedication 

  • Dolly Alderton - her exceptional talent 

  • Serena Williams - her exceptional grit and grind 

  • Taylor Swift - an example of a leader who's independent and savvy going her own way.

  • Lady Gaga - not just as an artist but an active champion for change 

  • Mark Zuckerberg - the idea of tech disruption and the removal of hierarchy 

  • And More...

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