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Creativity And How To Explore It

In this episode, we talk about Creativity. Understanding what creativity is, where and when to apply it, and how it evolves, is fundamental to your experience in the world of work.

The word "Creative" is one of the Top 10 words used in 2020 by people to describe themselves on their LinkedIn Profiles. Clearly, creativity is something we value, but, what does it mean to be a creative person? How do you tap into your personal creativity? How do you evolve and apply it in your work-life?

In this episode, Suzy and Áine are joined by the Artist-Photographer, Fiona Hackett. Tune in for an insightful discussion on the creative life and the psychological analysis of what makes somebody creative.

If you've ever wondered:

  • What are the differences between big "C" Creativity and little "c" creativity?

  • How many showers should you take to keep your creative edge?

  • What happens in our brains when we're being creative?

  • How do we foster and nurture creativity?

  • Who Susy's got a little crush on?

  • Why should I be creative?

Tune in, and you'll learn how you can augment your creativity!

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