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Alignment Coaching: Important for Leaders and Organisations?

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Cartoons of people - Alignment Coaching

Alignment coaching, helps clients to clarify fundamental personal values and to be conscious of how these values can be and are integrated into their approach to work and to other aspects of daily life.

Alignment coaching, while focused specifically on the client’s agenda and context can deliver significant outcomes to the sponsoring organisation, chiefly around renewed engagement; motivation and focus. The evidence suggests that senior executives express a much greater sense of clarity about personal values and have clarity about the alignment of personal and organisation vales as their careers progress. Values clarification, carried out in coaching can make this process much more explicit, for both client and organisation.

Issues relating to values and alignment of personal and organisational values become more explicit and more important in the mid and later career phases. During these career phases the opportunity for Alignment or Fulfilment coaching is likely to arise. An executive coaching intervention can support a client with the process of acknowledging and clarifying their personal values.

By accessing a client’s personal values in a coaching conversation, the coach invites the client to create personalised goals and to bring the motivational energy of his/her values to the action plans that emerge from effective executive coaching. The executive coaching process may, in part, be responsible for socialising clients into organisational values systems that are congruent with their own personal values.

A values clarification exercise, carried out as part of an executive coaching intervention can contribute to the sustainability of a client’s employment over a long career. It supports clients in completing some of the key tasks of review that are associated with adult development in the mid-life phase. It provides clients with a highly tailored means of integrating their life and career experience with their personal values. The confidential nature of coaching affords clients whose values are not congruent with their organisational values, the space and privacy to recognise and to deal with the gaps.

Coaching can also support such clients in making effective action plans to deal with the consequences, in a variety of ways, ranging from coping strategies to a managed exit. From the sponsoring organisation’s perspective, alignment coaching is about ensuring that its executive has enough ‘skin in the game’.

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