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Feeling Safe At Work

How do you feel when you make a mistake at work? Ask a tough question? Take a risk and speak your mind? That feeling is called psychological safety and is fundamental to your work experience. In this episode Persuasion looks at psychological safety from two angles:

  • How do you, as an individual, feel about the consequences of taking a risk, or when something goes wrong?

  • How do organisations create a culture of safety?

Áine and Susy explore this topic in-depth, discussing how to navigate workplace relationships with senior colleagues, deal with provocations and foster constructive communication.Melanie Symes joins Persuasion in this episode. She is a coach with over 25 years experience in HR (with Starbucks, Disney, Burger King, Avon, Virgin, and BP). Her views on safety in the workplace? It’s about visible fairness, she says. You should not only be able to speak up but know that you will be listened to.

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Melanie Symes:

Amy Edmondson research:

Edmondson, A.C., 2002. Managing the risk of learning: Psychological safety in work teams (pp. 255-275). Cambridge, MA: Division of Research, Harvard Business School.

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[See google scholar and HBR for more material from Amy Edmondson]

HBR article by Laura Delizonna: High-performing teams need psychological safety.Here’s how to create it -

Presented by:

Áine Maguire, Susy Kenefick



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